Pedro Ximénez Solera 1910

Añada N/A
Denominación de Origen Montilla-Moriles
Variedad 100% Pedro Ximénez
Vinificación Very old wine from one of the oldest and most legendary solera of Pedro Ximénez from the winery, started in 1910. Made, like the rest of the sweet wines of Pedro Ximénez de Alvear, from grapes dried in the sun until they become raisins and aged in an oxidative way using the traditional system of “Criaderas and Soleras”. This is a Finite Wine, only one “saca” has been done of the elegance and history that this liquid jewel has .
Color Mahogany dark and bright color.
Nariz The nose is powerful, clean and rich with nuances of fruit and toasted wood.
Boca The palate is elegant, unctuous and dense, with hints of toffee, oak, prunes and dates.
Alcohol (% Vol.) 15
Acidez Total (g/l ac.tartárico) 4,20
Azúcares (g/l) 4,90
pH 4,95
Maridaje Drink it on its own to enjoy its complexity and elegance.
Temperatura de Servicio 12-14 ºC