Criadera “A”

ORIGIN D.O. Montilla-Moriles
VARIETY 100% Pedro Ximénez
VINIFICATION Alvear Criadera A is a “Fino que va para Amontillado”, a very old fino made with Pedro Ximénez grapes with more than 12 years of biological ageing that has already started the oxidative ageing. It keeps the strength and energy of the “flor”, a “flor” that resists to die and that perfectly reflect the character and minerality of the “albariza” soils from the “Sierra de Montilla”. An exceptional and rare wine.
TASTING NOTES COLOUR: Light amber colour with greenish lights from its “fino” stage. Clean and bright.
NOSE: Intense, clean and deep, with emerging hints of a young amontillado (dry fruits) over a classic fino structure (almonds, veil yeast…). Very elegant.
PALATE: Very dry, expressive and powerful, with salinity notes, coming from the concentration of its long ageing process, and a silky finish. A very long wine.
ALCOHOL (% VOL.): 16
SUGAR (G/L): >2.5
PH: 3.25
FOOD PAIRING A wine for any occasion, from the start to the end of the meal. Great with cheeses. A wine of meditation and good company.
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